KDrama with Descendents


My HOT new find of 2016! 


Ghost, let’s Fight! This brand new Korean drama is currently still going on in Korea. Dramafever (my go-to for Korean and other Asian dramas) has this show up to the 11th Episode (16 in all) with each new cropping up every Sunday night. It’s about a young man who can see ghosts and a spirit who can’t remember how she died teaming up to fight the paranormal. It’s pretty awesome.


My Current Shows:


  • Dating Agency Cyrano                                       Descendants of the Sun
  • Fated to Love You (2009)                                  Flower Boy Next Door
  • Heart Strings                                                         Love Rain
  • Master’s Sun                                                         Oh My Venus
  • Pasta                                                                        Protect the Boss
  • Secret Garden                                                        She was Pretty
  • You’re All Surrounded                                        You’re Beautiful

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