Reign of Fire


So, this movie is one of my favorite post-apocalyptic films. It’s very well-done with a direct and easily understandable plot. It has top notch actors such as Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale and Gerard Butler. While it may be true that popular actors don’t always make a movie, this film would have been lost without the amazing acting from these guys, especially Christian Bale; who, in anyone can agree, is a distinguished and dedicated actor.
Reign of Fire is set in the year 2020. Years before in London underground construction workers unearthed a terrible menace: Dragons. These creatures terrorized the world until eventually the world was left in ruins; not only because of them but because of the foolish methods used by the humans to try and defeat them. Quinn is a leader of a small group of refugees, trying desperately to keep his people alive, when he is met with a group of American soldiers who claim they know how to kill the dragons once and for all.
I don’t have too many complaints about this film. The graphics are spot-on, the characters are interesting and the film has a perfect pace. My only issue I saw at all with the movie was the last scene with McConaughey. I won’t say what happened, but if you watch the film it’s only the part that borders melodramatic and even silly.




Hot off the presses! So, I just saw this movie in theatres and I was lucky enough for once to not have any annoying, distracting fellow viewers who distracted me. I was fully able to enjoy this movie which I have to say is hands-down epically awesome.

This R-Rated superhero film starring Ryan Reynolds (who played Green Lantern and a really crappy version of Deadpool in the Fox version of X-men) is an awesome film. It’s about Wade Wilson, an ex-military gun-for-hire, who finds out he has terminal cancer. He gets approached by a mysterious man who tells him that if he goes with him he could not only cure his cancer but have amazing superhuman abilities. Although dutiful, Wade goes along with it, desperate not to leave his loved ones behind. But not everything is as it seems…

So this movie is great for a lot of reasons. One, the fourth wall is constantly broken. Two, Deadpool is definitely not the usual hero as he is legitimately insane. Three, Wade’s off-the-wall, sexual innuendo, crass humor and jokes are so fantastic and on-point with the comics. Four, is that this movie stays true to the character in the best way.

Now, I was completely doubtful about this movie when I saw the trailers. I had been told all about the history of Deadpool, but I found it hard to imagine such a character being successful on the big screen. I am so glad that I was wrong! This movie along with Guardians of the Galaxy are my top two superhero movies right now.



Stardust. My favorite movie for the longest time and I still think it is pretty great, albeit not my all-time fave anymore. This film has just about everything one could hope for: magic, princes, witches, ghosts, pirates and some pretty exciting action scenes all wrapped up in a classic coming-to-age hero story.

The plot is about Tristan Thorn, an awkward shop boy, who vows his undying love for Victoria, the town beauty, by promising to find her a fallen star across Wall. The Wall being a magical barrier between realms and soon Tristan finds out that he’s not the only one going after the star nor is the celestial object quite what he expected.

I would suggest this movie to almost anyone, but it may be a little too violent with a couple too many sexual innuendos to be appropriate for younger kids, but it’s certainly a teen film that can be thoroughly enjoyed by adults.

(Small Spoiler Ahead: Tread Carefully)

I love this movie; not only because it has a little bit of everything, but because of the unusual and fun characters. My only qualm with this movie is that it apparently only occurs over a week and in that time our leading man becomes, just that, a man. I suppose, when thinking about it, he already knew (spoiler) how to fence from school, but lacked the confidence. The time that he spends with a certain crew gives him the assurance to utilize that skill. When I think about it like that it doesn’t make it seem as illogical and impractical as my first conclusion; it still bothers me sometimes though.

The Pirates


Wow! Just WOW! The Pirates has to be the most kick-ass film I’ve seen in a while. I had trouble not shouting out expletives when something awesome happened. This Korean movie is just so cool, so well-done and so exciting. Honestly, I can’t really think of any parts that lagged or were silly.

The movie is set during the Joseon Dynasty. When envoys are coming home from the Emperor with the new name and seal of their country (Joseon) they are set upon by a sperm whale that they manage to piss off. The whale destroys their ship and accidentally swallows the seal. To keep it quiet in the still turbulent times of the Dynasty they hire Captain Yeo-wul, a pirate, to find the whale and retrieve it. Jang-Sa Jung is a bandit chief who hears about this occurring and in the hopes of getting a reward sets out as well to capture the whale.

Don’t be fooled though by the plot. This movie is action-packed! The graphics are stunning and the choreography is amazing. This movie is completely the equivalent of the state-side Pirates of the Caribbean and in some ways maybe even better. I would suggest this film to anyone, because, quite frankly, it’s awesome. I seriously want to watch it again. It’s funny, exciting, great story, great characters and amazing (have I said that already?)

Army of Darkness


Nostalgia is what I feel when I see movies like this. I watched cult classics like this all the time when I was younger with my family and even today I still appreciate the oddness of this film. This movie isn’t necessarily a spoof in the strictness of the word, but it certainly isn’t a serious horror/thriller film.

Army of Darkness is the third installment of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films that were more or less successful, but nevertheless found a strong following as years went by. This film follows Ash, a man who in the Evil Dead awoke evil spirits from the Book of the Dead, lost his girlfriend to the darkness and had to cut off his own hand to save himself from succumbing to the evil. At the end of the Evil Dead 2 he is thrown into a mysterious portal; at the start of this film he finds himself in Medieval Times where the locals are threatened by the same evil as he was.

Now, this movie needs to be taken as its own genre. It’s a sort of Mel Brooke-like film with cheesy, smarmy dialogue and a melodramatic story-line, but it’s those very things that make the film so great. The acting by the awesome Bruce Campbell brings the film a true epic hero feel and even though some of the dialogue or scenes cause reflexive eye-rolls and bemused chuckles it still feels like a real film that has withstood the years and created a strong fan following.

If you decide to watch this film either out of curiosity or a prelude to the new Starz show “Ash vs. the Evil Dead” (which is set after the Army of Darkness) then I suggest going in with an open-mind and a sense of humor; you’ll enjoy it a lot more that way. Might I also mention that Ash uses a chain-saw for his missing hand and a cut off shot gun strapped to his back? You can’t get much cooler than that.

Mad Max: Fury Road


So, this movie is a personal favorite. I know, weird, right? Considering my thus far track record of movies and shows that I have reviewed. But I love this movie, the action, the imagery, the graphics, the characters: I mean it is a fully loaded movie that just does not stop! Now, if you have issues with graphic violent material this movie is probably not for you.

I don’t know how many of you may have seen the original Mad Max movies with Mel Gibson but this movie is like those on steroids. It’s probably what they were wanting to achieve back then but were unable due to ‘primitive’ technology with graphics. This movie from step one is boom, boom, boom. It just doesn’t stop moving, but somehow they still manage to scrape up some distinctive characters and story line that has just the right amount of depth for this type of movie.

The premise is honestly way too obscure and even saying anything about anything that happens more than 10 minutes into the film would be giving away spoilers. Pretty much though, Max, a mysterious wanderer of post-apocalyptic Earth, gets taken by some serious crazies that live in this insane fortress. He ends up being strapped to the front of a battle vehicle in a war convoy as they chase down a renegade warrior that has stolen something very important from their leader and thus the story goes on from there. Seriously, though, that’s like only the first ten minutes.

This is a must-see film for anyone who enjoys great cinematography, action, cars, top-of-the-notch graphics and raw acting. Or for anyone who enjoyed the old Mad Max movies.

The Mummy Returns


So, now we have the second installment of the Mummy. I like the second one a lot, perhaps not as much as the first, but they’re really about equal in my book. Not many movies have successful sequels, but I think, at least in the case of Mummy Returns, they did a smash-up job. The animation could have been better in some parts, but all-in-all pretty darn good.

This sequel is set 9 years after the first movie. Evy has been having strange dreams that lead her to an exhibition where she discovers the Scorpion King’s Bracelet. Mayhem ensues as a mysterious group comes after them. It’s no secret, just from looking at the cover, that the Mummy, Imhotep, returns in this sequel.

As well as the return of old favorite characters, we also have Rick and Evy’s son. It’s hard to find kids who can seriously act and except for a few moments, I think the kid in this did very well. He had an appropriate amount of spunk and personality, so I think it was a win.

The only part that I didn’t like was the very end with the Scorpion King. Unfortunately, the graphics for the big baddie left the end feeling a little lacking.

Besides that the movie had the same feel as the first with similar lines that will stand the test of time:

Ardeth Bay: [to Alex] By putting this on, you have started a chain reaction that could bring about the next apocalypse.

[Alex gasps]

Rick: [to Ardeth] You, lighten up.

[to Alex]

Rick: You, big trouble.

[to Jonathan]

Rick: You, get in the car.”

Taken from

I’m afraid by no means will I watch the third movie. I just can’t get through it.