Stardust. My favorite movie for the longest time and I still think it is pretty great, albeit not my all-time fave anymore. This film has just about everything one could hope for: magic, princes, witches, ghosts, pirates and some pretty exciting action scenes all wrapped up in a classic coming-to-age hero story.

The plot is about Tristan Thorn, an awkward shop boy, who vows his undying love for Victoria, the town beauty, by promising to find her a fallen star across Wall. The Wall being a magical barrier between realms and soon Tristan finds out that he’s not the only one going after the star nor is the celestial object quite what he expected.

I would suggest this movie to almost anyone, but it may be a little too violent with a couple too many sexual innuendos to be appropriate for younger kids, but it’s certainly a teen film that can be thoroughly enjoyed by adults.

(Small Spoiler Ahead: Tread Carefully)

I love this movie; not only because it has a little bit of everything, but because of the unusual and fun characters. My only qualm with this movie is that it apparently only occurs over a week and in that time our leading man becomes, just that, a man. I suppose, when thinking about it, he already knew (spoiler) how to fence from school, but lacked the confidence. The time that he spends with a certain crew gives him the assurance to utilize that skill. When I think about it like that it doesn’t make it seem as illogical and impractical as my first conclusion; it still bothers me sometimes though.

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