Love Rain

This Korean Drama was such a fun watch. The first time I saw Jang Keung-suk I wasn’t impressed by the major Flower Boy. Seriously, though, it’s almost a crime how handsomely pretty he is. The more dramas I saw him in though I became more impressed by his acting ability. He usually plays the arrogant Flower Boy, but even though the roles are similar they manage to be distinctive with great depth.
Love Rain is an interesting story. It starts out in the 70s when a quiet art student, Seo In-Ha, falls in love with a young woman, Kim Yoon-Hee, he sees outside the window, but things don’t go smoothly. His best friend starts vying for her attention as well and the reserved man finds himself watching his best friend wooing the woman he’s in love with. She eventually disappears in the midst of this leaving both men with broken hearts. The story skips to 30 years later. Jung Ha-Na (Yoon-Hee’s daughter) is a botanical major studying in Japan where she meets Seo Joon, In-Ha’s son. They are both oblivious to their parent’s subsequent history, but somehow yet find themselves connected. The question is will their story be as ill-fated as their parents?
I really enjoyed this story. Many parts of it are melancholy and sad, but the relationship with Ha-Na and Joon have some of the most happy moments I’ve seen in a show. The drama in this is kept to a reasonable and tolerable level. It really kept me smiling and I really enjoyed the main characters and the stories behind them.


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