dt 1This Korean movie was really heartfelt and warm. The plot was… interesting. I can’t really say it was a clichéd plot, but by the end everything was pretty obvious and set out. I really enjoyed the characters and they really made it feel as if the protagonists were sometimes the only two people in the world.
The movie is about an ex-boxer who is living a benign and hidden life. It’s obvious from the beginning that he’s holding the world on his shoulders even as he’s hiding from it. At one of his jobs he meets a beautiful, blind woman. Despite her disability she shines brightly and the man is immediately taken by her. The entire movie is about how much two people can help one another in their darkest times and the true meaning of love and devotion.
It may sound a bit cheesy, but the characters were very real. The story was sometimes was so bright and at other times so startlingly sad and bleak. All in all it was an enjoyable watch. One of those movies that makes me want to be a better person.


  1. I love this movie! It’s so heartwarming when the guy is changing for the best, but the movie just really plays with your emotions.

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