You’ve Got Mail

A classic 90’s romance. But really more then that. I recently read Buzzfeed post that had some completely unfounded and biased opinions about it that I finally had to rewatch the movie and, I’m happy to say, the post was completely and utterly wrong. This movie has more depth and insight into the human soul then almost any romance I’ve ever watched (including, Sleepless in Seattle). The characters are flawed individuals who have back-stories and complicated lives. The two main leads show how complicated real love is.

The movie is about man and woman who have met online and been emailing one other for a while; but their real lives are mysteries to one another. They’re friends who share little tidbits of their souls, somewhat becoming anchors for each other. In real life though their lives are unknowingly about to collide. Catherine is a small bookstore owner. Joe owns a bookstore monopoly (like Barnes and Noble). When Joe starts building only a block away from Catherine’s bookstore, it threatens her business. Their lives collide.


Although it would be a rarity if you hadn’t seen this movie yet, if you want to remain surprised, read not ahead.

I think the movie was brilliant, though. It showed love in some really interested aspects. For one, Joe and his girlfriend. This has a lot of layers. It’s clear from the beginning that the relationship really doesn’t have a lot to it. He’s just going through the motions. What becomes clear as the movie goes on is that the reason he’s in the relationship is because of his dad. His dad wasn’t much for romance but continuously got married and divorced over and over again. Joe grew up with that (as the bulk of the wives had been his nannies) and was just going through the motions just like his dad. It’s probably what he thought he was supposed to do. His girlfriend was also not that great. She was selfish and conceited.

On the other hand, Catherine and her boyfriend were going through similar motions. He wasn’t a bad guy but you could really feel that there was something missing. They seemed to fit, but it just wasn’t there. Something they both realized.

Then you have the online relationship between Catherine and Joe. I feel like they both went into as the people they wished they were. Catherine had taken over her bookstore from her mom and was really kind of living her mom’s life; it was clear in her writing that she had this fire in her that really wasn’t being met by the bookstore. Joe grew up with people who didn’t care, they were businessmen who were accustomed to flickering out small businesses; he was surrounded by people where money and status were the most important thing. It’s clear though that he really didn’t feel that way. He could do it, but it wasn’t really him. The online relationship between them was where they spoke their souls.

Now, the relationship in real life. Catherine and Joe butted heads and argued. Because in the outside world, they were both playing their parts still. Joe was the big bad businessman and Catherine was the loyal bookstore owner protecting her shop. When Joe realized who Catherine was it made him stop and really think. He had to figure out who he really was. Was he NY152 or was he Joe Fox? He couldn’t stop being Joe Fox, but for the first time he could look past his influences and see that he could also be the man he was online.

Honestly, the story really showcases some great things about relationships. Things about change and being your best person. About accepting hard and sometimes painful life changes, but finding the good in what you have. About fighting for what you want and when to accept defeat. Just remember when you watch the movie, it’s not about fantasy. It’s about two people with flaws finding each other and accepting one another.


dt 1This Korean movie was really heartfelt and warm. The plot was… interesting. I can’t really say it was a clichéd plot, but by the end everything was pretty obvious and set out. I really enjoyed the characters and they really made it feel as if the protagonists were sometimes the only two people in the world.
The movie is about an ex-boxer who is living a benign and hidden life. It’s obvious from the beginning that he’s holding the world on his shoulders even as he’s hiding from it. At one of his jobs he meets a beautiful, blind woman. Despite her disability she shines brightly and the man is immediately taken by her. The entire movie is about how much two people can help one another in their darkest times and the true meaning of love and devotion.
It may sound a bit cheesy, but the characters were very real. The story was sometimes was so bright and at other times so startlingly sad and bleak. All in all it was an enjoyable watch. One of those movies that makes me want to be a better person.



You can’t get much better than the satirical genius of Mel Brooks. Despite the obvious comedy and goofiness the film holds a level of cinema that’s seen only in a classic film. For those who aren’t familiar with Brooks he’s a forefront leader in comedic satires; the reason is that he doesn’t abandon the things that make film great just for the sake of a good joke. The actors, dialogue, story and film sets are of a high caliber that allows the audience to thoroughly enjoy his films.
Spaceballs is an obvious spoof of Star Wars and other popular space adventures of the 80s and before. In the film the enemy world of Spaceballs is running out of fresh air and so they plan to steal it from their neighboring planet of Vespa. Dark Helmet plans to steal their Princess to ransom her for the air. The King of Vespa desperate to get his daughter back asks Captain Lone Star for help.
Obviously the plot is quite silly, but it’s done with class. It’s a movie that’s still thoroughly enjoyable to watch without chronic eye-rolling. The actors are good enough that despite even some of the scenes that could level on ridiculous they bring it back strong with great acting. Those scenes go from ridiculous to some of the most repeatable dialogue scenes in geek conversations.

How To Use Guys With Secret Tips


This hilarious Korean movie is a bright interactive thematic experience that was an enjoyable and easy watch. I’ve recently been on a long, obsessive kick of Korean dramas and I was actually trying to find something different, but I came upon this movie by accident and I couldn’t resist. The plot just sounded too quirky and fun.

Choi B0-na is an insecure assistant director for a commercial company who isn’t taken seriously by her colleagues. Constantly walked-over and ignored she hits her low-point when her crew leaves her on the beach after a shoot and she has to find her way home in the dark. Bo-na comes across an odd stall for self-help films; the owner convinces her to buy a series of films about winning men over in life and business by pointing out with strange acute know-how of her current problems. Although skeptical Bo-na starts to utilize the tools in the video and finds her life suddenly changing, she even attempts to use her new skills on the arrogant star that often puts her down, Lee Seung-jae.

Most films or dramas with plots like this often feel too Cinderella-tale like and are convoluted. But while very simple and not exactly ‘exciting’ it was a fun and enjoyable story that had some really great comedy parts that left me literally laughing out loud (which says a lot, in my case). I hate drama and this stayed in a relatively realistic zone.

I also have to mention the fourth wall style of directing where the owner of the stall (and host of the self-help videos) often would pop up out of nowhere and narrate the story according to his videos, but he wasn’t an invisible narrator; he interacted with his surroundings. I don’t what style of directing this is (again, I wish I knew more about film styles), but it was really great.


When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep


This film has to be one of the most unique and creative films I’ve seen in a while. The sheer creative direction and style of the film is so playful and the imaginative mixture of camera slides and motions with the graphic illustrations is just too amazing. I wish I knew more about the techniques of filming so I could describe it better.

The film itself is about a recently dumped and down on his luck young Taiwanese man who finds himself working in a photocopy shop. The monotonous work ends up being his salvation as he realizes he’s actually good at it. He starts to notice the odd characters around him, including the ‘sheep’, a young woman who works at a cram school and who likes to draw little sheep in the exam papers that get sent to the photocopy shop. One day he draws a wolf in answer to one of her drawings and soon it becomes a huge hit with the students.

The story is simplistic, but never boring. The characters are fun, relatable and it’s easy to fall in love with them. The story swept me along and I could hardly believe it ended so quickly (2 hours later). Honestly, it’s one of the more enjoyable films I’ve watched in a while and I really felt like I escaped from the world while I watched it. Everything else disappeared and just the colorful world inside of my computer was on play.





This film was very exciting for me to watch as it was my first French film I’d ever seen. I should have known that only the French could make a well and true Romantic Comedy. Although, like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not huge on romances, I still really enjoyed this film and thought it was pretty fun. They really captured the time period with imagery and music.

The movie is set in 1958 when a woman being a secretary was considered ‘modern’ and ‘exciting’. Rose Pamphyle was no different in these thoughts and she decides to leave her small town to try and get a job as the secretary for Louis Echard, an insurance businessman. Unfortunately for Rose, her greatest and seemingly only talent is her typing. Echard is a competitive man though and hones in on this quite quickly deciding to put her into typing competitions.

So, one of the first things I realized about this film was the language; I actually took some French in High School, but I never realized how soft the language actually was. It was really is a beautiful language. From there, I really enjoyed the story. It’s always such a relief to see a new (for me), fresh view of romance and comedy. I also personally liked the whole thing about the typewriters. Being a writer I’ve always been drawn to the evolution of writing and it was really fun to see the different type of boards that were being used.