How To Use Guys With Secret Tips


This hilarious Korean movie is a bright interactive thematic experience that was an enjoyable and easy watch. I’ve recently been on a long, obsessive kick of Korean dramas and I was actually trying to find something different, but I came upon this movie by accident and I couldn’t resist. The plot just sounded too quirky and fun.

Choi B0-na is an insecure assistant director for a commercial company who isn’t taken seriously by her colleagues. Constantly walked-over and ignored she hits her low-point when her crew leaves her on the beach after a shoot and she has to find her way home in the dark. Bo-na comes across an odd stall for self-help films; the owner convinces her to buy a series of films about winning men over in life and business by pointing out with strange acute know-how of her current problems. Although skeptical Bo-na starts to utilize the tools in the video and finds her life suddenly changing, she even attempts to use her new skills on the arrogant star that often puts her down, Lee Seung-jae.

Most films or dramas with plots like this often feel too Cinderella-tale like and are convoluted. But while very simple and not exactly ‘exciting’ it was a fun and enjoyable story that had some really great comedy parts that left me literally laughing out loud (which says a lot, in my case). I hate drama and this stayed in a relatively realistic zone.

I also have to mention the fourth wall style of directing where the owner of the stall (and host of the self-help videos) often would pop up out of nowhere and narrate the story according to his videos, but he wasn’t an invisible narrator; he interacted with his surroundings. I don’t what style of directing this is (again, I wish I knew more about film styles), but it was really great.


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