Protect the Boss


This Korean drama is a spitfire hilarious cinematic journey. It still doesn’t compare to my top Korean dramas but it’s still very good. This show takes all the usual twists and turns of a corporate romance and shakes it all up. All the things you expect (jealous exes, corporate betrayals, angry rich mothers) are still a part of the story, but because of the fantastic heroine everything is turned upside down.

Eun-sul, a once punk teenager, is trying desperately to find a respectable job in an office, but because of her past and even her current attributes it seems impossible. When she lands the job as the secretary for a notoriously difficult chairman, Ji-hun, she jumps at the chance. Using her kick-ass fighting technique and her fierce determination Eun-sul flies onto the scene shaking up everyone’s lives. But then the unthinkable happens: Ji-hun and Moo-won, fellow chairman and his cousin, end up falling in love with her! Suddenly she’s the focus of the DN Company and the cousin’s family who aren’t at all pleased that their son’s have been ‘seduced’ by Eun-sul ( who’s only fault is being an awesome chick).

I don’t really have much to complain about this drama. At some points I felt it maybe lagged, but besides that it was a really and enjoyable watch. Sometimes I felt like I was watching the adult version of Hana Yori Dango. What I also liked was how it showed how children can get pulled into the darker part of corporate business because of their parents.

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