The Mask You Live In

The Mask You Live In

This documentary is revolutionary. Watching it I feel that this film really could change our perspective on how we raise our boys in our society; I sincerely hope that this film gets more widespread. It’s one of those films that really make a person think and can truly change the perspective of people in the world, not just the United States.

This film is about how we are raising our boys to be strong, unemotional and manly; and how that may affect their lives psychologically. The documentary goes over the effects of forcing boys to withhold their feelings and what the consequences of doing that can be. It has amazing interviews with men and boys about their experiences as well as helpful commentaries from psychologists and other experts.

This film may be one of the more interesting films I’ve seen in a long time. Mainly because it isn’t about how masculinity is bad but about how we, as a society, force unreal expectations on our men that affect them in ways that we don’t even realize. Being masculine isn’t bad, but having feelings and expressing those feelings aren’t bad either. In fact, not doing so, from the perspective of psychology is absolutely insane. Forcing boys from the get-go to always live up to certain standards and then shaming them if they don’t do so – it’s insane. Especially if those things are just about how many women you’ve slept with or how many sports you can play or what level you are on the latest Call of Duty. I would really suggest anyone to watch this video. And don’t get alarmed, it’s not about men acting more like women; it’s just about basic healthy brain function and how boys are kind of being denied that human function.


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 was a happy, unexpected find as the first film clearly stated that Joe Cross was not planning on making any other films. This continuation is set about 6 years in the future and is more about the people then Joe Cross himself.

This film was a great picker-upper. It showcases so many people whose lives were changed because they watched the first film and decided to try a juicing cleanse for themselves. I really can’t express enough how great it is to see how many people were touched by Joe Cross’ decision to live healthy. The film shows Cross as he travels through the States to promote his first film. Throughout the movie, the viewer gets to see people from the old movie and how they’ve been doing; as well as new faces with equally inspirational stories.

Definitely, a great film to watch.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


So, this may be a little different off of my usual film route, but it’s still a good movie, regardless. I had decided to watch this movie as a morale boost, because I’m currently on a juice diet and had been feeling hopelessly starved. I’ve actually seen this film before years ago which gave me the idea in the first place to go on a juice diet and it really is an exemplary show of what can happen if we eat the right type of things.

The movie is about Joe Cross, an Aussie, who was overweight, suffered from a terrible skin disease and was at risk of heart disease (as is anyone who is severely obese). He decides one day to juice his way across the United States for 60 days; just juice for two months. Seems extreme, right? The movie follows him as he talks to people about the causes of obesity and the perks of a juicing cleanse as he loses weight and becomes a healthier Joe.

Honestly, it’s a pretty extraordinary film. It may seem extreme to do something like that for 60 days, but the very fact that he managed to cure his disease and lose a tremendous amount of weight is proof enough that sometimes extreme is what it takes to change your life. This, of course, was all done under medical supervision.

I would really suggest this film to anyone who is feeling hopeless about their weight or their health, because it’s really inspiring to watch. Just to point out, juicing can be as long as you want: a week, ten days, a month, two months. I have personally lost 7 pounds in 4 days, so, yeah, results speak for themselves.