Go Ho’s Starry Night

So, this short drama was a cute, fun weekender. It had enough story to be interesting with enjoyable characters. It was just a fun watch about finding the right one. I also liked it because it really showed how we look at potential lovers and how methodical it sometimes is. It was also about why… Continue reading Go Ho’s Starry Night

Goblin: the Lonely and Great God

Alright, so this drama was just as good as I was hoping it would be. I was really excited to see a modern fantasy show from Korea and this really set the record for one of the most fun and enjoyable. It was serious, but funny. It had strong story lines and in depth characters… Continue reading Goblin: the Lonely and Great God

Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds

This historical drama was a fantastic find. I already loved Park Bo Gum from Answer me 1988 and he did such a fantastic job in this show. Unlike a few of the historical dramas that I’ve dabbled with it stayed steady in the drama intensity. A couple of the dramas I’ve watched would suddenly skyrocket… Continue reading Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds

Jealousy Incarnate

So, this very new Korean drama was very fun and enjoyable. It had an upbeat plot that displayed some unique qualities and some on-point commentary on how complicated love is and the stigma associated with certain diseases as well. It also portrayed the curious world of news stations. The characters were great (mainly because of… Continue reading Jealousy Incarnate

Cinderella and the Four Knights

  Alright, so this brand new drama was pretty epic. The title at first threw me off. I thought it was going to be super cheesy, but I was hands-down wrong! This drama infuses the tale of Cinderella into a completely (somewhat) realistic modern world with deep, interesting characters that are always more then what… Continue reading Cinderella and the Four Knights

Answer me 1988

I'm always so happy to find shows like this. The level was perfect. Great characters, great stories and good emotion. This show has such a large span. It ranges from young to old and is also great insight into the 80's for Korea which I really thought was super interesting. The show was funny, emotional… Continue reading Answer me 1988

Noble, My Love

  Noble, my love was a happy find. I’d skimmed over it a hundred times on all of my streaming sites (including Hulu, Netflix and Dramafever), because I was so sure that it was just going to be another typical Chaebol falls in love with the poor sweet girl which is how many of the… Continue reading Noble, My Love

12 Years Promise

This drama is something else. It’s pure drama and emotion which I usually don’t like, but they managed to create such enticing stories that I had to see it all the way through. My only complaint is that after all the build-up and after all the time that passes the ending felt subdued and a… Continue reading 12 Years Promise

Madame Antoine

This Korean drama is such a smart show. It was a different kind of romance that wasn’t the normal story I’ve gotten used to. It was about a pair in their mid-30s so the relationship was about more than just the excitement of first love. It was about accepting someone with all of the baggage… Continue reading Madame Antoine

You’re Beautiful

So this is a pretty popular Korean drama, because it has everyone’s favorite Jang Guen Suk in it. It’s also the always classic girl-disguised-as-a-boy story with the added benefit of K-Pop style music. In this drama at least there’s not as much singing as you’d imagine, but the soundtrack is very good. It’s also a… Continue reading You’re Beautiful