Noble, My Love


Noble, my love was a happy find. I’d skimmed over it a hundred times on all of my streaming sites (including Hulu, Netflix and Dramafever), because I was so sure that it was just going to be another typical Chaebol falls in love with the poor sweet girl which is how many of the sites described it as. But I finally caved after reading so many reviews and the 5 star ratings it got. I’m so happy that I wasn’t disappointed.

The story is, true, about a rich and powerful CEO who meets a ‘common’ woman. This woman though is a strong character, herself, who has come for nothing and is now a hard-working vet with her own hospital. Despite the strange circumstances in which they meet the CEO, who is an emotionally-hard and stern man in general, finds himself unable to leave the vet alone, becoming for the first time more like a normal person.

Despite the story that seems like so many others, the characters were so good. The story is based on a comic book (manga) and I could really feel it. The characters, and the actors who play them, feel like they have just walked off the page. The director mixes art from the manga into the beginning and end of the episodes so that they mirror each other perfectly. The ending was perhaps not as firework-y as I would have liked, but it was still a good, strong finale.

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