You’re the Worst


Okay, so this satirical romantic comedy television show is a fresh view. It takes the fantasy out of romance (and life) and bites back with stark sarcastic realism in a completely hilarious way. Certainly the characters are somewhat out of this world, but they are probably more realistic then most, if not all, other characters in romance stories. The moral of the story: people are f-ed up, messy, complicated and completely imperfect. Sometimes, they’re the worst.

The show features two of these imperfect individuals who may just be the worst people on the planet. Jimmy is a writer who is determined that love does not exist and generally thinks people are flawed individuals. Gretchen is an agent for a musical company who lives life on a carefree whim. When they meet at a wedding that neither one of them wants to be at they become unconventional romantic partners. Together they have to find out if they are match made in heaven or if they are the worst.

The sarcasm and cynicism in this show is done perfectly. The characters are so well done with smart dialogue. The show progresses and shifts. It may not be like a top favorite but in terms of like sitcoms it’s definitely at the top of the list. A lot of shows like this usually are aimless, but while every episode has its own stand-alone story, the plot continues to enfold throughout. If you want something that is out of the ordinary and is really like an anti-every-romance watch this.

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