Jealousy Incarnate


So, this very new Korean drama was very fun and enjoyable. It had an upbeat plot that displayed some unique qualities and some on-point commentary on how complicated love is and the stigma associated with certain diseases as well. It also portrayed the curious world of news stations. The characters were great (mainly because of the great actors) and it was simply an easy watch.

The show is about a weather caster, Pyo Na Ri, who has been working hard to became an anchor at her station. She pulls off odd jobs, goes above and beyond and makes sure that she is the best at what she does. Lee Hwa Shin is a reporter who does the hard and dangerous reports to make a name for himself. Despite an awkward past between each other, tensions arise between them when Lee Hwa Shin returns from an overseas position. Added into the mix is Lee Hwa Shin’s best friend and chaebol, Ko Jung Won, who takes an interest to the spunky Pyo Na Ri. The three of them form the classic love triangle that threatens the entire news station.

Now, I wrote the plot very simply, but there is a whole lot more depth to it than that. The lives of the characters are complex and some of the plot twists that the characters go through are intense and unique. It adds a depth to the characters and the story, as well, as the wonderful acting just really ties it all together. Definitely a good watch.

Spoiler Alert Warning (Do not read on if you want the story to remain a mystery)

I accidently read a complaint that a couple people wrote that they were upset at Pyo Na Ri and the fact that she fell in love with both of them. Now, for some context, Na Ri had a previous crush on Hwa Shin for like 2 or 3 years and nothing ever came of it. So, she gave up on him. When Jung Won asked her to go out with him she had no reason to say no. She thought she was over Hwa Shin, Jung Won was a handsome, kind guy. Any woman would struggle not to fall in love with him. It was, of course, inevitable that when Hwa Shin started to realize his feelings that Na Ri’s feelings would be rekindled. I mean, she was in love with him for three years! Anyway, I just needed to fume about that a little bit. Love is complicated. It’s not always black and white. And crazy things happen.

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