Madame Antoine


This Korean drama is such a smart show. It was a different kind of romance that wasn’t the normal story I’ve gotten used to. It was about a pair in their mid-30s so the relationship was about more than just the excitement of first love. It was about accepting someone with all of the baggage that comes with them. The drama was also strongly focused on psychology which, at least for me, is a very interesting subject; the topics can be very intense, so fair warning.

Go Hye Rim is a fortune teller who claims to have the spirit of Marie Antoinette in her body; as a single mother she has done everything she can to support her daughter studying overseas. Choi Soo Hyun is a Stanford professor of psychology who is currently working on a project to disprove love; and he has just moved into the second story of her café. They immediately butt heads as two very smart, keen individuals. Can they manage to coincide or will their equally strong wills cause a battle of the wits?

So some of my favorite parts about this is the fact that it is a constant battle of wit between Hye Rim and Soo Hyun. I hate to say it, but so many of the female characters I’ve seen in dramas tend to be somewhat dense, unaware and/or naïve. Hye Rim is such a keen woman and her perception is just so amazing that I can’t help but to cheer her on. I’ve also never seen two characters that were so equally matched in personality. Putting all of that aside the side stories were also really fun and enjoyable. They had their own impact, but they never took away from the main story. I had so many parts where I just wanted to be like, “Boom, he/she got you good.”  The ending was strong and left a good feeling.

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