Cinderella and the Four Knights


Alright, so this brand new drama was pretty epic. The title at first threw me off. I thought it was going to be super cheesy, but I was hands-down wrong! This drama infuses the tale of Cinderella into a completely (somewhat) realistic modern world with deep, interesting characters that are always more then what they seem. “Cinderella” herself is a spit-fire character who’s determination and bravery make her into one of the best female leads I’ve seen.
Ha Won lives with her step mother and step sister who just like in the real story consistently bully and use the girl. Despite this Ha Won is a bright, energetic young woman who works hard at her many part time jobs so she can someday achieve her dream of going to college. When she helps out an old man, she somehow ends up living with his rich and very handsome grandsons in a beautiful mansion! The three grandsons have very differing personalities and it is up to Ha Won to bring them all together.
The story does ring of some very clichéd Korean stories, but the characters, as always, make it into something entirely unique. Ha Won is one of the most awesome female characters and I couldn’t imagine anyone better to play this part. She’s adorable, but strong. Her personality is straight-forward and she faces everything with a will of steel. Along with that the three grandsons as well as the other characters create such a rich dish that there’s never a boring moment. The plot is kept to the point and doesn’t overly linger on the drama. Truly, a great watch.

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