Answer me 1988

I’m always so happy to find shows like this. The level was perfect. Great characters, great stories and good emotion. This show has such a large span. It ranges from young to old and is also great insight into the 80’s for Korea which I really thought was super interesting. The show was funny, emotional and had a mellow level of drama that kept it light and fresh.

The show is about a small street neighborhood and the families that live there. The show focuses on a group of high school kids who had grown up together and are now at the precipice of discovering who they are as adults. It also has a strong focus on the rest of their families, especially their parents. The show starts out at 1988 during the Olympic Games which was in South Korea at the time. Experiences are felt for the young group of first love, crushes, disappointments and discovering who they want to be. For the adults it’s about money, jobs, statuses and the close friendships they have with one another.

Honestly, this show is amazing. The fun comedy and stories just kept bringing me back for more and I’m so sad that it’s ended now. It’s probably one of the few times that I will say that 20 episodes wasn’t enough. The distinctive and interesting characters are really what made the show; their interactions with one another and their growth was just so fantastic. This show can also really be considered good for everyone. It’s equally focused on men and women; the young teens and those a little a bit older.

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