You’re All Surrounded!


You’re All Surrounded was exactly the type of show I was expecting… which is to say it was fun, action-filled, exciting and completely awesome. I don’t know if I ever can ever express enough how well-done Korean shows are. And, at least for me, I enjoy Korean just as well as shows from the States, probably because my personality is suited to the more polite and reserved natures of the Korean (and Japanese) cultures.

Without going into the deeper and intense underlying plot of You’re All Surrounded, the show is about four new recruits into Gangnam district police station in the criminal activities department. The new detectives work hard together to solve crimes, but somehow still end up getting into more trouble then they can handle. Their team leader, a legendary detective, even proclaims them a disaster area.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games, but I’d prefer ya’ll to enjoy the show yourselves. Being a detective series it’s an enjoyable show for both men and women with great antagonists and even better protagonists.

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