Innocent Steps


Alright, so this movie was sweet and bitter and heartfelt and a little mushy. It’s about Na Young-sae, a renowned dancer, who was purposely injured in a competition and is now hiding away in a slump. When his manager shows up telling him that he’s soon going to have a new partner from China (albeit still Korean) he’s less then convinced. Even more so when it’s revealed that the ‘talented dancer’ is actually the woman’s little sister who knows nothing about dance. Soon the girl’s bright spirit reawakens him and they work together to become Korea’s greatest dancers.

This movie was pretty enjoyable, but didn’t necessarily have the happiest of plots, but that’s kind of what made it stand-out against other mushy movies. It reminded me a little of Dirty Dancing with the tone and feel, but with the classic Korean feel that I’ve come to love.

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