So, I don’t know if I really have a lot to say about this drama. It was a fairly common story line, at least in Korean genres, but it was still a nice little story. The musical aspect of it was a nice touch, but it’s hard to watch this sort of thing when I’ve already seen the same type of thing in a dozen other dramas. The actors were good and all the little nuances were sweet, but all in all a fairly common story.

The story itself is about a young woman in college who majors in traditional Korean music. When she is offered to be a part of a production that mixes the traditional with modern she’s pulled toward it despite her grandfather’s adamant dislike of anything untraditional. It doesn’t help that a certain stoic, but extremely handsome, young guitarist is a part of the production as well.

I’m definitely not saying that it isn’t good. The characters were fun and it was very enlightening in terms of the art that is Traditional Korean music, but it is a very used story type, so be prepared if you do decide to watch it.

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