Blind Date

So, this movie was pretty fantastic. It was interesting, different and had a completely new tone; at least for me, maybe this is normal of French films. I didn’t realize when I chose it that it was French; that was just a nice surprise. The brief summary I read looked interesting, so I thought I… Continue reading Blind Date

Tomorrow’s Cantabile

So, this was an interesting drama. It had attributes that I’ve seen before, but it was displayed in such a unique and special way that all around it was an enjoyable experience. This drama emanates music. I’ve seen many dramas that claim to be about a musical journey or have characters that play an instrument… Continue reading Tomorrow’s Cantabile


So, I don’t know if I really have a lot to say about this drama. It was a fairly common story line, at least in Korean genres, but it was still a nice little story. The musical aspect of it was a nice touch, but it’s hard to watch this sort of thing when I’ve… Continue reading Heartstrings