Tomorrow’s Cantabile


So, this was an interesting drama. It had attributes that I’ve seen before, but it was displayed in such a unique and special way that all around it was an enjoyable experience. This drama emanates music. I’ve seen many dramas that claim to be about a musical journey or have characters that play an instrument or sing, but it almost always takes a backseat to everything else. Tomorrow’s Cantabile is different. The very heart of it is music and the characters are born from it.

The story is about two music school students and their friends. One is an astute, stern, perfectionist who plays piano but desperately wishes to be a conductor. The other is a child-like, messy, beats-to-her-own-drum pianist who only wants to have fun with her music and strays from anything serious and strict. The two of them are thrown together by coincidence or fate and find their lives forever changed by their presence in each other’s lives. Together beautiful music is created and the true meaning behind the sheets of music is found.

I have very little complaint about this drama. The girl is a little more eccentric then I usually like. I’ve expressed before my dislike for overtly silly things, but it balances out in this drama. Her over-powering performance as a pianist is truly what captured my heart. I only wish I could play piano that well. All of the music in this is just so wonderful; it truly made me appreciate all the more classical music. The story is also fun and is done in such a way that the drama-esque conflicts are very well balanced with the everyday moments.

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