Sailor Moon Crystal


So, this is a big one… for me, at least. The original Sailor Moon (in Japanese) was the first anime I’d ever seen. It introduced me to Japan and a different kind of fantasy from State-side. It ignited my imagination and let my insecure younger self believe that no matter my faults maybe I could be someone as amazing (and flawed) as Sailor Moon. It took me a long time to watch this, because, just like for any remake of a favorite tv show or movie, I felt protective and defensive of MY Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Crystal follows more closely the manga which was a lot seedier, darker and serious then the 90s television show. For any who may not be familiar, the show is based around Usagi Tsukino: a young, 14-year-old girl who can be a bit of a crybaby and spends much too much time at the arcade. Despite her tendencies, Usagi is awoken as Sailor Moon, Guardian of Love and Justice, when a dark and mysterious evil falls over Tokyo. Her guide, a cat named Luna, tells her that besides defending Earth from evil, she must also search for the reincarnated Moon Princess and the Legendary Silver Crystal. Along with other Sailor Senshi and the handsome, mysterious Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon must become more then a crybaby middle-schooler: she must be become a warrior.

So, I really don’t have many complaints for this anime. The character of Usagi is so much more; her character progresses and changes. On the other hand, the other characters fall a little flat. They don’t have a whole lot of background and their stories are miniscule compared to Usagi. For anyone who’s watched the 90s there’s a lot more character development and side stories where things become more personal and in-depth. I do like that Crystal has that serious note to it though; for an older audience, like myself, it makes it more watchable. I did feel that in season 3 it back-pedaled a little bit. It seemed more childish and silly at times then the other seasons. It got more serious at the end, but it definitely took away a little bit.


  1. I really enjoyed Crystal, though I did find the supporting cast (particularly the inner sailor scouts) really just kind of feel away into the background for most of the series. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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