Descendants of the Sun


Wow, just wow and wow again. I’ve seen a lot of shows and I have to say this show is hands down the best I have ever seen. This Korean show is one of the best things I’ve watched. It stands out against any show, not just Korean. It has an amazing depth that truly made my heart bleed, ache and cheer with patriotic empathy. It’s a show with amazing characters that constantly evolve and a story that constantly expands and has true purpose. For me, I think a true test of any story is how it changes the audience; this show made me fall in love with people, soldiers and strengthened my inner desire to help people no matter the circumstance.

I don’t want to go too much into the story because it is all the little nuances of it and the weaving storyline is something that is worth watching for yourself, so I don’t want to ruin it for any one of you. In the barest of bones this story is about a soldier and a doctor whose lives intersect. They have to decide whether or not their chosen careers will keep them apart or together.

This show is good for ANYONE. I don’t care who you are this show is hands-down the best. If you want something that makes you believe in people again, if you want something that is exciting and fresh, if you want something that has a beautiful love story, if you want something about friendship this show is for you. If you like stories about wartime or doctors this show has it. I can hardly stop myself from going on and on about it. You shouldn’t wait any longer: watch it! It’s currently on Hulu for any who are curious.

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