Fated to Love You (2014)


On Netflix, I discovered this remake of the 2009 Korean Drama of the same name; I have to say, I was thunderstruck. This series was amazing!!!
I already have a strong desire to re-watch it. It made me laugh and cry; and, god, were the characters FANTASTIC.

It had everything in it. Humor, drama, romance, character and even some minor action. The emotions behind these characters was just… WOW! As one person reviewed on Amazon you don’t even need to have subtitles to understand what’s going on; that’s how good the characters were.

The story itself is about a Post-It girl and a wealthy CEO who meet by chance when they are both drugged and end up sleeping together. They soon discover that they are pregnant! The unlikely two are forced together by this and, by their upright parents insistence, even get married. The drama ensues with previous relationships, family problems and the ongoing awkwardness of being married to a stranger who is going to have your baby.
I can’t get over how great this was. Just the small moments episode to episode make it an outstanding show.

My favorite character had to be Lee Gun, who was the male protaganist! His laugh and his big wide smile really set him apart. His acting was also top notch. He could express so much emotion with just his eyes.

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