Boy Meets World

So, I finally finished this show. Seven seasons of hijinks, laughter and life lessons through the eyes of Cory Matthews and his friends. This classic 90s series was what I grew up with. A phenomenal series that literally grew up with me. Before Harry Potter and growing up a wizard, it was Cory, Shawn and Topanga and growing up to be a decent, honest person. Although the show could be childish at times (obviously, being a children/teen show) it was still uplifting and enjoyable to watch as an adult.

The show is about Cory Matthews, a 13-year-old middle schooler, trying to figure out life and how to grow up. He has his best friend Shawn, a young troubled boy, who looks to Cory as the only solid and good thing in his life. And Topanga, at first, an odd little duckling who blossomed into a strong-willed and impassioned woman. Cory has strong influences in his life. Two caring parents who are always there for him. Mr. Feeny his constant teacher and mentor. Characters come and go in the show, but the resounding moral is friendship, family and doing good.

I really love this show. I think this sort of thing is what is lacking in television today, especially in teen shows. It was funny, but it had a lesson about life. And it wasn’t polarizing either. They were solid lessons about just being a good human being. When you watch the show you learn the lessons right along with them about acceptance, love and overcoming challenges. Unfortunately, Disney didn’t want to continue those lessons for today. They did continue the show with Cory and Topanga’s daughter years later in Girl Meets World; I watched it and it was good. It really should’ve been allowed to continue for today’s generation, but it was cancelled after three seasons, despite decent ratings.

Cyrano: Dating Agency


Alright, so this was a pretty great drama and definitely not the usual romance story line that I’ve gotten used to. It has class, humor, logic, teamwork, romance and just this really fun tone to the entire show with a “WOW” finale that was just completely off the charts intense.

The show itself is based on a movie made a few years previous by the same title, but not with the same people. The story line is also different with obvious reasons (in a movie you can’t have overly complicated back stories, just not enough time). The basic premise is about the “Dating” agency that helps people meet and date their crushes (for lack of a better term). Most of the people that come in are people who aren’t good around the opposite sex or more specifically the one they like. The Cyrano agency swoops in and helps them with undercover research, discrete cameras, ear mikes and scripts made to woo.

Cyrano is mainly about the people they are helping with just a subtle touch of story for the cast of Cyrano that gradually increases until the end where, by that time, you absolutely love them. The characters are all really well-rounded with great dynamic. They all play off of each other really well; a perfect recipe of personality clashes that really sets the show apart.

I’d suggest this show to almost anyone. Honestly, this show would even be good for certain dudes even. The drama is really set to low on this and it was such an easy watch. Some shows I have to struggle with, but this one I  could just watch without even a glimmer of boredom or aggravation because of unneeded drama or embarrassing moments.



“Pasta” was one of those dramas where I was only honestly like “holy sh*t batman” I went through that 20 episodes FAST! This Korean drama was based in an Italian restaurant where personalities and tradition collide.

The two main people I already know from other dramas and once again they did a fantastic job. Honestly, it attests to their acting ability of how they can play such different characters with such whole enthusiasm. The chick, Kong Hyo-Jin, was in “It’s ok, this is love” which was utterly fantastic, all the way down to the OST. Then Lee Sun-Kyun who was in Coffee Prince, among some other things, but he always gives such great performances.

The best part of the show was the two protagonist’s relationship. Sincerely, they were like the epitome of opposites, but they were so adorable together. Their relationship was what made me come back for more. Sun-Kyun’s character was just irresistible and when placed against Hyo-Jin’s, sparks flew in the best way.

This show will certainly give you a firm craving for Italian food. The characters will make you smile and even laugh out. The plot had a firm grasp of day-to-day and a fairly decent level of the “drama”. I really liked they didn’t go overboard or linger on plot twists, but neatly tidied them up in a timely fashion.

While not on my list of my personal top favorites, the show was really good and I’ll probably revisit it sometime in the future.

Flower Boy Next Door


Alright, so I just finished this Korean drama, called Flower Boy Next Door. I really liked it, although in my opinion I didn’t like who she ended up with, but, that said, I thought it was great.

The show is based mainly on Go Dok-mi, a young recluse who never ventures out of her apartment. From there, you have her next door neighbors, Oh Jin-rak and Oh Dong-hoon, who make webtoons (which is what the original “Flower Boys Next Door” was); Jin-rak has a massive crush on the ‘pure’ and ‘clear’ Go Dok-mi, but is too introverted himself to ever make a move. Then you have the Flower Boy, himself, the bishounen (Japanese term for pretty boy): Enrique Guem. He flies into the scene, as the neighbor across the way, and becomes obsessed with bringing Go Dok-mi out of her shell. The rest of the story is a… secret.

So, this show really reminded me of the girly romance manga I read as a girl. The guy who played Enrique was the perfect ‘bishounen’; I mean, he really played the part up well of the childish, hyper guy that he really stood out against the more reasonable, dare-I-say normal male counterparts in the show.

I think what really drew me to this was Go Dok-mi, because I’m an introvert and, until recently, was pretty much a shut-in, myself. I felt so drawn to her. I don’t know, it’s always nice to see those characters that remind us of ourselves; especially, when we get to see them be the focus of the show.


The Flash


You know, maybe I’m impartial, but DC Comics has really been knocking the superhero T.V. shows out of the ball park lately. Besides their latest show, the Flash, Arrow is downright awesome.

So if any of you aren’t superhero aficionados, the Flash is a superhero from the DC comics and is part of the very popular Justice League. From what I understand, the man behind the mask has been a lot of different guys throughout the comic series. The guy in this series is Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) a forensic scientist who has a tendency to be late, unorganized and a little dense. When the Particle Accelerator from Star Labs explodes Barry is struck by lightning and is put into a coma for nine months! When he wakes up he finds out that he has quite a unique ‘after-effect’ from the explosion: super speed. With help from the people at Star Labs (Dr. Wells, Dr. Snow and Cisco) he becomes the Flash to stop other “meta-humans” like him who were affected the Particle Accelerator.

Okay, so with that not-so-short synopsis, I love the Flash. Compared to its CW counterpart, the Arrow, it is so much lighter and fun. The characters are really well fleshed-out (a literary term for characters that are deep, so to speak) and the dialogue is so fresh and flows really well. I also enjoyed the special effects, really well-done. The show also has great contrast; it moves so well from serious to fun, from action to dialogue scenes.

Honestly, I think it’s awesome enough that there should be more fan stuff: posters and action figures, etc. Same goes for the Arrow.


Melissa and Joey


This show was a fantastic sit-com with two awesome 90’s teen stars: Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence.
The show was about Mel who recently took in her niece, Lennox, and nephew, Ryder, after their parents were put into jail for their illegal financial scheme that left people penniless.
Joey was one of those people. He went to confront Mel after he lost everything, including his wife, and since he hadn’t been completely cleared of his involvement, he was a piranha to all potential employers. So, he becomes her nanny to help her watch Lennox and Ryder; and to take care of the house out of desperation.
All sorts of comedic situations follow with the self-involved, wine-loving Mel and the egotistical, muscle-pumping Joey. Don’t get me wrong they are both absolutely lovable.
The chemistry between the two was great, as well as the other characters. It really showed well the awkward moments of living together with two spit fire personalities and the tug and pull of raising two teenagers.
The dynamic of the show was just so great. They really expressed well the awkwardness of situations and conversations that aren’t always simple to get through especially with two hormone–raging, sarcasm-flinging teenagers around.
I also really liked how they expressed that being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean you make good decisions or that situations teenagers go through are sometimes just as serious and problematic; and that sometimes they go hand-in-hand.

Secret Garden


Alright, so I’ve probably watched one too many things lately, but I loved this drama. I was absolutely addicted to it and watched it within record time.
The story was just so different. Gil Ra Im is a female stunt devil who crosses paths with the CEO of a popular mall, Kim Joo-won. Their story is mainly normal until they find this restaurant in the middle of a forest and after drinking some apparent ‘home-made alcohol’ they switch bodies! It was a total shock considering it was several episodes in. The whole thing was just entrancing and I loved the end of it. I’ve seen a couple shows where the ending was kind of “eh”, but I was left feeling fully satisfied.
Gil Ra Im was also just such an amazing character. I mean, besides being damn sexy, she was so strong! Putting aside how rare it is for a Korean drama to have such a strong-willed, athletic, fighting woman, even as an American it is rare to see a character like her. Most shows, even in the states, if they have a woman who can fight and such is usually seen as unfeminine, butch and unattractive. Gil Ra Im is NOT any of those things: she’s feminine, graceful and well-adjusted (as in she’s comfortable being a stunt-woman).

Joon-Won, as well, was such an eccentric character. Honestly, the amount of depth the creators put into this show and the characters is so wonderful. More often then not after watching a certain amount of shows from the same genre I start seeing the same character templates with similar story lines, but this show felt truly fresh.