The Flash


You know, maybe I’m impartial, but DC Comics has really been knocking the superhero T.V. shows out of the ball park lately. Besides their latest show, the Flash, Arrow is downright awesome.

So if any of you aren’t superhero aficionados, the Flash is a superhero from the DC comics and is part of the very popular Justice League. From what I understand, the man behind the mask has been a lot of different guys throughout the comic series. The guy in this series is Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) a forensic scientist who has a tendency to be late, unorganized and a little dense. When the Particle Accelerator from Star Labs explodes Barry is struck by lightning and is put into a coma for nine months! When he wakes up he finds out that he has quite a unique ‘after-effect’ from the explosion: super speed. With help from the people at Star Labs (Dr. Wells, Dr. Snow and Cisco) he becomes the Flash to stop other “meta-humans” like him who were affected the Particle Accelerator.

Okay, so with that not-so-short synopsis, I love the Flash. Compared to its CW counterpart, the Arrow, it is so much lighter and fun. The characters are really well fleshed-out (a literary term for characters that are deep, so to speak) and the dialogue is so fresh and flows really well. I also enjoyed the special effects, really well-done. The show also has great contrast; it moves so well from serious to fun, from action to dialogue scenes.

Honestly, I think it’s awesome enough that there should be more fan stuff: posters and action figures, etc. Same goes for the Arrow.


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