Flower Boy Next Door


Alright, so I just finished this Korean drama, called Flower Boy Next Door. I really liked it, although in my opinion I didn’t like who she ended up with, but, that said, I thought it was great.

The show is based mainly on Go Dok-mi, a young recluse who never ventures out of her apartment. From there, you have her next door neighbors, Oh Jin-rak and Oh Dong-hoon, who make webtoons (which is what the original “Flower Boys Next Door” was); Jin-rak has a massive crush on the ‘pure’ and ‘clear’ Go Dok-mi, but is too¬†introverted himself to ever make a move. Then you have the Flower Boy, himself, the bishounen (Japanese term for pretty boy): Enrique Guem. He flies into the scene, as the neighbor across the way, and becomes obsessed with bringing Go Dok-mi out of her shell. The rest of the story is a… secret.

So, this show really reminded me of the girly romance manga I read as a girl. The guy who played Enrique was the perfect ‘bishounen’; I mean, he really played the part up well of the childish, hyper guy that he really stood out against the more reasonable, dare-I-say normal male counterparts in the show.

I think what really drew me to this was Go Dok-mi, because I’m an introvert and, until recently, was pretty much a shut-in, myself. I felt so drawn to her. I don’t know, it’s always nice to see those characters that remind us of ourselves; especially, when we get to see them be the focus of the show.


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