“Pasta” was one of those dramas where I was only honestly like “holy sh*t batman” I went through that 20 episodes FAST! This Korean drama was based in an Italian restaurant where personalities and tradition collide.

The two main people I already know from other dramas and once again they did a fantastic job. Honestly, it attests to their acting ability of how they can play such different characters with such whole enthusiasm. The chick, Kong Hyo-Jin, was in “It’s ok, this is love” which was utterly fantastic, all the way down to the OST. Then Lee Sun-Kyun who was in Coffee Prince, among some other things, but he always gives such great performances.

The best part of the show was the two protagonist’s relationship. Sincerely, they were like the epitome of opposites, but they were so adorable together. Their relationship was what made me come back for more. Sun-Kyun’s character was just irresistible and when placed against Hyo-Jin’s, sparks flew in the best way.

This show will certainly give you a firm craving for Italian food. The characters will make you smile and even laugh out. The plot had a firm grasp of day-to-day and a fairly decent level of the “drama”. I really liked they didn’t go overboard or linger on plot twists, but neatly tidied them up in a timely fashion.

While not on my list of my personal top favorites, the show was really good and I’ll probably revisit it sometime in the future.

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