Baby Daddy


So one of the new shows that I found recently was a sitcom called Baby Daddy. A very simple, but hugely lovable show. At least for me I found it be refreshing that the characters were younger. Most sitcoms I’ve seen have to do with people in their late 30s or 40s, so having a realistic view of 20 somethings was fun. It also involved a lot of heart.
The premise is about a young bachelor, Ben, who finds a baby on his doorstep: Emma. It’s his child from a one-night stand and his life is tipped upside down. He goes from a simple life living with his roommates (his brother, Danny, and best friend, Tucker) to suddenly being slammed with not only a baby but to finally face up to being an adult.
This show has a lot of great aspects. I love how many realistic aspects they throw into it; especially the awkward and embarrassing moments all new parents have. As well as dating when you have a kid and working out who watches the baby. Besides the baby part of the show, Baby Daddy has great moments with childhood crushes, parents being too involved, brothers, best friends, and work stuff.

This sitcom really is quite exceptional and it’s just a great watch.


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