She was Pretty


My Korean Drama fanaticism continues. I have to admit I’m a little disappointed with this one. I guess I just didn’t like the way the story went and I felt the chemistry between the two ‘main’ characters was lacking. Besides that this was still a pretty cute drama, albeit a little wild.

The story is about Kim Hye-jin, a woman with crazy frizzy hair and freckles and a pretty eccentric personality to boot, who gets contacted by her childhood friend and first love, Sung-joon. Both have changed quite a bit. Hye-Jin was quite pretty as a child with straight hair and no freckles (quite a shocking change from her current appearance) and Sung-joon was a fatty who is now a handsome, lean, successful businessman. On the day they’re supposed to meet Sung-joon doesn’t recognize her; humiliated she asks her beautiful best friend to take her place, because she doesn’t want him to be disappointed. Not much later Hye-jin starts a new job where she meets ‘lunatic reporter’ Shin-hyuk, an eccentric colleague that immediately befriends her, and, once again, Sung-joon, her childhood friend who thinks she’s someone else and is also her new boss.

So, the story in and of itself, is pretty great. They have great fun characters and an upbeat story that moves pretty well, but for me it wasn’t a favorite. I’m not really one for slap stick comedy or constant silly hi-jinks and Hye-jin was completely eccentric and odd. Also, like I said, the chemistry between Hye-jin and Sung-joon was just not really there and, at least in my opinion, felt forced.

Spoiler note:

I can’t really not say how upset I was that Shin-hyuk got cast aside. Honestly I felt that he was a much better match then Sun-joon and the chemistry between him and Hye-jin was really great.

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