Cyrano: Dating Agency

  Alright, so this was a pretty great drama and definitely not the usual romance story line that I've gotten used to. It has class, humor, logic, teamwork, romance and just this really fun tone to the entire show with a "WOW" finale that was just completely off the charts intense. The show itself is… Continue reading Cyrano: Dating Agency


  "Pasta" was one of those dramas where I was only honestly like "holy sh*t batman" I went through that 20 episodes FAST! This Korean drama was based in an Italian restaurant where personalities and tradition collide. The two main people I already know from other dramas and once again they did a fantastic job.… Continue reading Pasta

Flower Boy Next Door

  Alright, so I just finished this Korean drama, called Flower Boy Next Door. I really liked it, although in my opinion I didn't like who she ended up with, but, that said, I thought it was great. The show is based mainly on Go Dok-mi, a young recluse who never ventures out of her… Continue reading Flower Boy Next Door

Melissa and Joey

  This show was a fantastic sit-com with two awesome 90's teen stars: Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. The show was about Mel who recently took in her niece, Lennox, and nephew, Ryder, after their parents were put into jail for their illegal financial scheme that left people penniless. Joey was one of those… Continue reading Melissa and Joey

Secret Garden

  Alright, so I’ve probably watched one too many things lately, but I loved this drama. I was absolutely addicted to it and watched it within record time. The story was just so different. Gil Ra Im is a female stunt devil who crosses paths with the CEO of a popular mall, Kim Joo-won. Their story… Continue reading Secret Garden

Fated to Love You (2014)

  On Netflix, I discovered this remake of the 2009 Korean Drama of the same name; I have to say, I was thunderstruck. This series was amazing!!! I already have a strong desire to re-watch it. It made me laugh and cry; and, god, were the characters FANTASTIC. It had everything in it. Humor, drama,… Continue reading Fated to Love You (2014)