Perfect Sense


I always find it hard to resist a post-apocalyptic movie, even more so when it has Ewan McGregor in it. Anyway, this movie was very simple, thus my review will be fairly simple as well.

It’s hard to describe this movie, but simply it’s about two people falling in love during a mysterious plague that is taking people’s senses (sight, tough, taste, etc). It’s very reminiscent of “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”, but with the usual droll British acting that makes them so distinctive.

I have to say that while I did enjoy this movie the confusion of what was going on took away a little from it. Such as, right before they lose a sense they experience a certain emotional reaction; which certainly increased the intensity of the movie, but didn’t completely make sense, logically speaking. Besides that, though, I enjoyed it. It was an easy watch and the acting was very well-done. The imagery and how they explained the progression was good.

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