Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


After watching “Perfect Sense” I couldn’t help but to watch this movie. I really, really love this movie. Don’t be fooled by comedian Steve Carell, he was exemplary in this film; probably one of my favorites out of all of his work. This film managed to take a truly realistic look at the world and the people if they knew the world was going to end within a month.

The plot of the film is about Dodge, an insurance salesman, who has been living a very boring existence until the world finds out that a huge asteroid is headed straight for Earth which will destroy it. After his wife literally runs away from him, he meets Penny, his downstairs neighbor, a slightly eccentric young British woman and they decide to go together to achieve their last dreams. Hers to see her family one last time. His to meet the one who got away one last time.

Honestly, this film is so heartfelt. The performance of the actors was just so good. I really got swept away in the story and the ending left me unabashedly sobbing. The story moved me from one point to the other with ease and by the end my heart was breaking as much as the characters as the end came closer.

I would say more, but that would require going more into the plot and that would be “spoilers”.


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