Jungle Book (1994)

This live-action rendition of the book is a marvel. It has wonderful characters and a story that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Anyone who has seen the animated Disney story will see all the small nods towards it in this film, but it stays its own story. The CGI and green screens… Continue reading Jungle Book (1994)

Nana (Live-Action)

  Alright, so this movie is on about the same level as the Paradise Kiss live-action, remake. It was good, but more an homage and nowhere near an equivalent to the very popular anime. The actors played their animated counterparts as well as can be expected for the particularly unique style of the original. It's… Continue reading Nana (Live-Action)

Paradise Kiss (Live-Action)

  So this was an unintentional find, because I was actually just trying to find a way to watch the anime or read the manga versions. I was lucky enough to find a free version of this with decent quality. So if anyone isn't familiar with Paradise Kiss, it is a HUGELY popular series in… Continue reading Paradise Kiss (Live-Action)