Nana (Live-Action)


Alright, so this movie is on about the same level as the Paradise Kiss live-action, remake. It was good, but more an homage and nowhere near an equivalent to the very popular anime. The actors played their animated counterparts as well as can be expected for the particularly unique style of the original. It’s hard to measure up to animated characters in any situation so they have quite the allowance in this movie. I think they did a very good job considering.

The movie is about Nana and Nana (Nana meaning seven in Japanese). The two very different 20 something women meet on a train to Tokyo and prove the old rumor that ‘opposites attract’. They quickly find out that they share the same name and the same birthday. Even after separating the two meet each other again and their lives are drawn together.

Honestly the movie is fairy simple. It’s just about the two woman, their lives and the romances and problems that come with being young. It certainly doesn’t have the same intensity as the anime, but it’s still an enjoyable watch.

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