Jungle Book (1994)


This live-action rendition of the book is a marvel. It has wonderful characters and a story that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Anyone who has seen the animated Disney story will see all the small nods towards it in this film, but it stays its own story. The CGI and green screens are the only noticeable things in this that aren’t up to par; it’s noticeable but not so bad that it takes away from the movie.
In this version of Jungle Book, Mowgli is a young boy who ends up in the wild jungles of India after his camp is attacked by Shere Khan, the Tiger King. He and his pet wolf are taken in by a family of wolves. He grows up under the Jungle Law (only kill to eat) away from humans when he suddenly meets a young British woman. She, after much persuading from her father, brings Mowgli to their home to teach him the ways of being Human, but not everyone is pleased by this strange wild man nor is he convinced that the Human Laws coincide with the ways he was taught in the jungle.
This movie is a personal favorite. It really demonstrates how pure and innocent the animal world is and how the jungle is a place deserving of respect. I really liked how this movie is set when Mowgli is older because there is a certain level of darkness that can be demonstrated better that way. I also have to say that the guy who plays Mowgli is just amazing. The things he manages to demonstrate with just body language is amazing. I wish I could say go watch it, but that’s actually pretty hard. Disney has stopped making this film, so copies of it go for almost 200 dollars online. I chanced upon it at a pawn shop recently, so I was lucky.

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