Murder in Chelsea

So, one of the rare books that I finally got to read was… solid. Murder in Chelsea was written by
Victoria Thompson and is part of a larger series called Gaslight Mystery. Unfortunently, I
didn’t realize that it wasn’t the first one in the series so I think I ended up reading the last one in
a very long line. Oh, well.
Thompson is a fair enough writer that despite my jumping the gun it was still a good
stand-alone read. With that being said, the actual storyline was a bit boring, to be honest. It was
too back and forth, literally just felt like the characters talked to a suspect then rehashed it in
their group and they did this like five times at least. It had its moment of excitement, but it was
pretty linear and emotions were very kept. Even at the end in what should have been the big
emotional finish, it felt a little British in its brisk handling of its characters. “Big Finale with
Huge Realization of a Clearly Long Anticipated Moment” is equated to “Oh, that’s great,
wonderful, let’s have a spot of tea.” That’s just a dramatization, of course, but that’s what it felt
The story itself surrounds the main character, Sarah Brandt, a young widowed woman
who has recently taken in a girl left at an orphanage and who means the world to her now. Her
life gets turned upside down when someone comes looking for the girl and who could possibly
take the girl away from her. Of course, things get even stranger when the person who inquired
about the girl is murdered. It’s up to Sarah to uncover her foster daughter’s life before someone
comes after her.
Like I said, the story is good, the writing is good, the characters have a good foundation,
it was just a little doldrum and a bit repetitive. It felt like an insanely long episode of a cop show.

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