Only You

This romantic comedy from the 90s is whimsical and sweet. It takes everything good about romances and puts in such a nice little package.

The movie centers around Faith, a young hopeful romantic, who was told when she was young through a Ouija board that she was going to marry someone called Damon Bradley. But life didn’t exactly go like that and she has just accepted the proposal from a podiatrist. Fate seems to intervene when a friend of her fiancee calls and it is no other then Damon Bradley. Dropping everything in a moment she hops onto a plane to Italy with her best friend to search him out.

This movie is well-done. It has maybe a couple issues here and there, but overall it has a deep plot that’s full of whimsy and hopeful romance which really just make it a fun and enjoyable watch.

The main character is such a beautiful young woman with these big eyes that really make you believe in her world. And honestly all the characters have this certain richness that’s filled with personality and emotion that I can honestly say that some of the scenes made me ache for them because of just the raw feeling.

The cinematography of the movie was really done too. I mean it showed Italy in such a beautiful way that I don’t know if I ever had such a strong desire to visit before.

It is definitely worth a watch.

Check it out by clicking on the image below, I don’t think that I have seen it on any of the normal streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

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