As an adult one of my favorite things to watch are crime shows and one of my consistently favorite is NCIS. I almost can’t put my finger on what exactly this shows particular appeal to me is. I don’t know if it’s the unique and thoroughly enjoyable characters, the plots, or just the overall feel of the show that keeps it as one of my all time favorite shows to show.

It’s one those shows that can be watched episode by episode, just every once in a while or fallen asleep to on tired evenings. It has so many seasons though (up to 16 as of right now) so watcher beware, you’re in for a long ride if you decide to watch from season 1.

The show centers around Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team of NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation Service) agents as they investigate cases generally related to the Navy or Marines. Of course, as many shows go, it covers a wide range of things. From theft and corruption to murder and rape. From crimes of passion to terrorism.

Adding to all of this is a beautifully consistent array of characters that set the tone for the show. While some characters do move on or, well, let’s be frank, die, for the most part characters remain throughout the seasons with growth that makes it so enjoyable to watch. It’s sort of like coming back every episode to be with friends who solve some pretty gnarly cases.

With that being said, the cases themselves cover a pretty wide spectrum, but I think what’s great about it is that it really go overs some important topics. I think, most importantly is that this show makes you think. It makes you cry. It makes you impassioned. I watch because of the characters, but I stay because the cases remind me about the sheer complexity of the world, even if it is the darker side of it.

I have little complaint about this show. I truly enjoy watching it over and over again.

Now, if you are interested in watching the show, click the link below to purchase the first season for only about 10 dollars. Honestly, about the price for an average meal out these days.

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