About me



Reviews by V is, thus far, a small-scale movies and TV show review blog. Personally, I have a long history with writing and a deep love for stories, combining the two seemed an obvious transition. My continuous goal is to review all types of cinema from a broad range including international, Indie and main-stream. What you will NOT find are negative bashing reviews. If a show or movie is too horrible, I won’t review it. If it’s that bad it already has its fair share of poor reviews and I’m not going to add to it.
I hope to add, upgrade and enhance the blog as I go on and become more comfortable with it. My plans for the future include intensive pages for the large fan-friendly cinema universes such as Doctor Who and Harry Potter; also possibly creating video blogs as well that would optimistically bring in more followers.
My hope in this blog is to bring more awareness to certain genres that readers may not otherwise watch and to also garner support for otherwise unknown or ignored cinema. Please, enjoy.
(Side-Note: For anyone remembering when this site was called ReviewsBySamantha, that was a pseudonym and I decided to go with my actual name instead. I apologize for the confusion.)



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