Body At Brighton Rock

6/10 Rating

Streaming on (as of 2021) Hulu:

This was a confusing one. It was slow in spots, weird and confusing scenes and an ending that left frustrating questions. Sometimes an open-ended ending can be fun, but in this case most of the movie was just an up and down whirlwind of strangeness that didn’t lead to any finality.

            So, it is difficult to talk about this film without giving everything away so I think I’m just going to have to spoiler it up to have any hopes of giving a good review. This film is about a young park worker who switches shifts with her friend to put up flyers on the trails. She’s kind of ditzy and unaware so she ends up getting herself hopelessly lost. While take a selfie (because of course) she discovers a body and to her dismay is told she is going to have to stay with the body until authorities arrive, the next day.

            Completely inexperienced she sets out to watch it and besides completely fudging up a potential crime scene she spends most of the time terrified to the point of having delusions. A strange man appears at one point and after that she seems to lose it more and more. A night has never seemed more long.

            So, I’d say for me this film was a loss. The heroine was incompetent and honestly she seemed bat-shit crazy at times. The plot was confusing with an even more confusing conclusion. I mean, honestly just a huge loss. I don’t blame the chick for being scared of the dead body because that would scare the living daylights out of me too, but she just wasn’t smart, her actions confusing and usually stupid and, like I said, crazy.

            So, major spoilers here.

            The girl ends up having progressively worse nightmares about the corpse to the point of having full-on hallucinations, despite their being no clear reason as to why she has this sudden shift in mental capability. She wanders around a lot, like unnecessarily hiking around dangerous areas where she then hurts herself. Then the ending… After fighting off a bear and getting saved she discovers that the hiker who creeped her out and eventually became part of her hallucinations was actually the corpse. So, it ends with her spastically laughing and everyone going WTF. It left so many questions. Was it a ghost? Was she just batshit crazy? Did she actually kill the guy and then had hallucinations because of her guilty conscience? Like I said some open-ended conclusions can be enjoyable with the whole wondering what happened and developing your own theories. This is just infuriating because the longer I think about it the more annoyed I am. I mean people don’t just have hallucinations or see things that aren’t there for no reason. It’s usually a result of illness, fatigue, drugs, previous mental issues, blocked memories, ghosts (if it’s that sort of film), etc. This was just a bunch of crazy loose ends with no clear direction.

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