The Boyfriend School

This was a surprise film from the early 1990’s. I had never heard of it before, but it had a favorite actor, Steve Guttenberg, in it so it was one I just couldn’t pass up. I watched it through Pluto TV, but the commercials were probably the most annoying thing about the film. It was unexpected. It did not go exactly as I thought and while it could have been better in some cases I think it still did a darn good job.

            The cover reminded me of Mad Max which initially drew my attention, once I realized it was Gutenberg, I was all but set, but the actual plot was what signed me up. I have always loved stories about the nerd getting the girl and this film really set a new high point for me.

            The film was about Gus, a cartoonist, who for the last two years had been battling illness, causing him to be bloated and lose his hair. Finally, out of the woods he was trying to get his life back in order, when his sister, a renowned romance novelist, starts intervening. She sets him up with a beautiful journalist who does not give him a second glance. His sister determined that this is not going to be the end decides to completely reinvent her brother into the journalist’s dream fantasy. Soon, Gus is pretending to be someone else entirely and if it was not bad enough the journalist starts falling for the persona! Being a good-hearted guy, Gus is torn between getting the girl or admitting to her the falsehood.

            Set in the 90s, the film lacks the smoothness found in many films today, but what it lacks in “cinematic anticipation” it makes up with honest sincerity. The film certainly would not win any awards for heart-pounding romance moments, but its clean storytelling and pure heart from the characters makes it a win in my book.

            It is one of those films where my biggest desire is that I wish there were more. I could have easily watched three hours of Gutenberg in this film. Always a great actor he really brought it with this film. It probably would not have been the success it was without him. It is his eyes and his sincere nature that really wins me over and it was perfect for this film.

Right now you can watch Boyfriend School on Amazon Prime, click on the link below and check the movie out yourself:

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