Temple Cat

First review of a children’s book.

This book came with the box set Literati. For five dollars a month I get sent five children’s books, usually with some sort of theme. I’m given a week to read them then send them back, free of charge. If I wish I can purchase any or all of the books for a discounted price. It’s a pretty sweet deal. And let’s my kid read some different types of books he may not usually read.

Temple Cat was decent as kids books come. It has a nice historical component and a sweet story. It’s not too hard to read and flows pretty well. The imagery is nice as well. The illustrations are also very well done and only aid the story which is nice.

The story itself is very nice. During the time when the Egyptians worshipped cats, a young cat feels trapped. He lives inside a beautiful temple for him, is pampered and adored, but he craves more. Or rather less. He wants to be a normal cat and do cat things.

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