To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Find it on: Netflix

Year: 2018

I keep leaning towards teen romances lately, I don’t know why. It may be because of the innocence and naivety. So many romcoms are just so unreal that it’s hard to take any stock into it; it’s all so modern fairy tale. But, teen romances are more believable. Hormones are going crazy and everything does feel like it’s world-stopping amazing or horrible. It’s relatable. “To all the boys I’ve loved before” had that feeling. It was down-to-earth though, simple but real, and the emotions felt on-point. The diversity didn’t feel forced either, it felt realistic. I hope other movies mimic that natural diversity in the future.

The plot itself is cute, although a familiar trope. Lara Jean is a simple high school student, not in the popular crowd and has mainly one best friend, but she’s secure and mainly has her feet on the ground. Besides her affinity for romance novels, she’s pretty much avoided all-things love related. Any crushes have been carefully hidden, known only to her in love letters she’s never sent. But Lara Jean’s life is turned upside down when somehow those forbidden letters are sent. Five embarrassing letters have been sent out and she now has to deal with the overwhelming and even detrimental consequences they have caused.

Honestly, it’s so fun. Lara Jean is such a great character because she really has this vivid imagination, but she’s still working out how her inner self relates to how she acts on the outside. In general, she’s such an easy going character it’s easy to love her. Being a Netflix movie it’s not surprising that there are a couple things that could’ve flowed better or been expanded on, but all in all it was very well done. I don’t have many complaints on the actual actors either. They all played their parts very well. I think her friend, Josh, could’ve been a touch better; he just felt awkward at times and it doesn’t feel like it was supposed to be intentional.

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