It Takes Two



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My Review:

This movie from the nineties brings back all the memories. Honestly, it’s a fun watch even now. It has what a lot of romcom movies lack: kismet. It’s actually a Mary Kate and Ashley film. I don’t know if many really remember them and the storm of popularity they had for a while. The Olsen twins got their start as the infant sister in Full House. Their innate acting ability catapulted them into stardom with their own shows and line of movies before they stepped out of the limelight to pursue careers in the fashion industry.

This movie is a sweet film about two girls (who happen to be identical, but not related) who decide that their consequent parent figures belong together. Amanda is an orphan, her home leader is a kind, spirited woman who would love to adopt Amanda, but can’t because she doesn’t have the money and she’s single. They head to a week-long camp created by the Calloway foundation with the threat of adoption looming over Amanda’s head by a not-so-appealing family, the Butkis’. Alyssa Calloway has just returned from boarding school and is meeting her father at their summer home where she finds out to her dismay that he’s getting remarried to a woman who is as two-faced as they come. By some strange kismet Alyssa and Amanda meet. They realize that they might be able to help each other out if only they can get Alyssa’s father and Amanda home leader together. Of course, it bears the question. Can kismet be created between the two strangers or are Alyssa and Amanda’s fates out of their hands?

It’s no heart pounding romance or crazy rambunctious comedy, but the emotions and feelings between the characters are strong. It feels so natural and reflexive. The story line goes at a nice smooth pace with a nice resounding finale that leaves me feeling satisfied. It’s also something that can be enjoyed at any age. It’s not too childish or too adult. Definitely leaning towards more a girl movie, but not to the point it couldn’t be enjoyed by the male species.

Update 2020:

So, I just re-watched this movie and some new enlightenments came to me about the film. I have been looking at movies recently with a slightly more acute view and there were a couple things about the film that I had noticed before but did not write about.

One is the romance between Steve Guttenberg and Kirstie Alley. Both great stars of their own right and the chemistry was good, but when I looked back on it, I realized, in the movie, they only met THREE times. Of course, that is easily overlooked considering that it is a kid’s movie and most romances base off one meeting. It is still just mind-boggling though.

Secondly is the wardrobe of Kirstie Alley. I get that she had gained some weight and maybe she was more comfortable with the baggier clothes, but it REALLY did her no favors. I mean she was wearing long sleeves and dark clothes in summer at a summer camp. It made no sense. Even if she was a bit overweight, she was still gorgeous and there had to be something that made her feel comfortable but suited to summertime.

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