The Great British Baking Show

So, this baking show was a fun show that really had a lot of compassion and was very well thought out. I often watch the American baking competitions, but they tend to be so single-minded and they have no emotion to them. Any drama is built up and there’s no communication between the people competing. I like this one, because it’s about individual skill and the passion the contestants have for baking.

The show has two hosts and two judges with about a dozen bakers at the start of the season. Each show they have three thematic (i.e. bread or custard week) tests where they are judged on their skills. At the end the judges compare how each test went for the contestants to see who is Star Baker and who will unfortunately be sent home.

Probably the best things about this show is the heart. In this show, you could slice the love for baking with a knife. These contestants are so devoted and they work so hard. Even though the two judges are hard on the contestants they do it because they really have an investment in the cooks to succeed. The hard love is shown each week in the determination of the bakers to do better and make better deserts. Really excellent and the best baking show out there in my opinion.

(You can find this show on Netflix)

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