Kimi No Todoke


Alright, so this anime which is based on a manga and also has a live-action Japanese movie about it is a very sweet piece. It’s based on early high school experiences and the subject matter focuses on how the characters see each other and how those things can have lasting and hurtful effects. Even though this was definitely an uber-innocent anime, I was still drawn to it. Probably because, sadly, I shared a lot of similar experiences with the main character.

The anime is about Sawako, a young soft-spoken girl, who, because of her similarity to Sadako from the Ring, is generally avoided by everyone around her. Whether it be because of her long black hair that covers her face or her awkwardness around people, her fellow students often are afraid of her, even though the reality is that, after years of being avoided, she has no self-confidence. But life for Sawako is about to change when she befriends a young man in her class.

So, probably my favorite parts rested in like the first 10 episodes. It was bursting with such sweet and warm scenes that I sometimes felt like I had heart emoji’s coming out of my eyes. It does bear stark similarities to Nobuto Wo Produce, at least with the main character. After the first 20 episodes though it did seem to lag a little bit and I found myself skipping quite a bit because I was getting bored with the tug and pull of her character growth. She would be making progress then for two episodes she would digress then she would inch forward, then digress, etc.


  1. I really love Kimi ni Todoke but honestly you just want to swat Sawako from time to time and tell her to move it before she misses out, and that’s part of the appeal of the show. You really become caught up in Sawako as a character and want her to succeed at growing and changing but like in real life she dithers from wanting to change to actually being able to follow through. It is an incredibly sweet story and one that I have watched many times now, even with the maddeningly slow pace.

    • I do agree it’s slow, especially as it gets further along it’s like she’s stuck, but I can also understand it. When you get used to being treated one way, despite having things changed, it’s hard to break away from what you’ve gotten used to, even if it’s being ignored.

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