Cheese in the Trap


So, I just finished this drama that has been causing such raves on Dramafever. I do see why, I actually really enjoyed it until the last couple episodes. The show was about people who don’t exactly fit in the ‘normal’ box of characters that people are used to. The dialogue and story were all so fun to watch that I really spent quite a bit of time with it. Towards the end though it focused too heavily on a set of sub characters and the main pair got a little lost in it. Then the ending felt ‘blah’. I was really disappointed to say the least.

The story is about Hong Seol, a hard-working college student, who has lived her life doing everything herself. Raised by parents who can’t afford to send her to college, she’s had to balance schoolwork and part-time jobs. After taking another break from school to pay for tuition she meets Yoo Jung at the start of the semester; everyone likes him, but Hong can immediately sense something darker about him. Thus starts a relationship about two people who not only come from ‘different sides of the track’, but also about how first impressions can define a relationship for better or worse.

This story was really fun. From the first episode it really started strong. It was funny with a creative film technique that really drew me into it. Cheese in the Trap was really about the complexity in relationships. Not only ones involving romance, but friendships and other relationships as well. It was also about the definition of normal and strange. As well as how people are affected by those biases.

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