So, this is my first official Taiwanese drama that I am reviewing. With a name like Bromance I think anyone’s curiosity would be peaked and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a fun story line with enjoyable characters and a plot that evolved. It was exciting and very funny. It had a certain joviality to it that made it fun to watch.

The show is about Pi Yao No, a 25-year-old woman, who has had to pretend she’s a man since she was born after her parents received a foretelling from a crooked psychic that if she pretended to be a man then she would be safe from harm until her 26th birthday. When she turns 26 then she can reveal that she’s a woman. One hundred days before her birthday she meets Wi Feng, a handsome man, and ends up becoming his sworn brother. As they get closer as friends, Pi Yao No is pulled whether or not she should tell him that she’s a woman.

I really had fun with this drama. The characters and their personalities kept me coming back for more and I could hardly pull myself away from the screen. The emotional level of this was very good; it was heightened when it needed to be and level otherwise. It was perhaps a little more flamboyant then I’m generally comfortable with, but the story and characters were enough that I could look past it.

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