The Walking Dead

walking dead

This post-apocalyptic show is one of my favorite. The dynamic of this show is phenomenal and it would have never been a success had it not been for the great characters and their in depth story-lines. This show may be too violent for some, but it isn’t without a reason. One of the most potent and interesting reasons behind this show is the psychological undertone to it: how would people react to a world where they have to kill other human beings (living or not) and sometimes when its people they know and love.
Walking Dead is based on a group of survivors of a world flooded with zombies, obviously. It centers around one man in particular, Rick Grimes. He was a sheriff who had been shot, previous to the world going to crap, and had been in a coma, abandoned in a hospital. When he wakes up everyone around him is dead, but not all of them stay that way. He soon discovers the “Walkers”, dead people who rise with a craving for flesh. Rick goes in search for his family and discovers a group of survivors. The show is based around their journey as they discover threats un-dead and even some of the living kind.
The show, while being about the undead, is very emotional. The journey the characters have to take to survive in this world is amazing. I’ve recently been re-watching it and I’m so surprised to see how far the characters have come. I knew that they had changed over the course of the show, but I had forgotten how much. One of the things I’ll point out about this show is how it draws people in. I watch this with my husband and we have had long and deep conversations about the show before and where it’s headed. The Walking Dead pulled us in and got us involved and every week we have to see what happens.
If I gave stars for my reviews I’d give Five Stars, because it’s awesome.

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